Work samples

Video: Women’s Voices – Uruguay

Video shot in Montevideo for IPPF's global campaign on abortion awareness, via Panos Pictures.

Brazil Stadiums Construction Work

Historical record of the work carried out in 12 cities across Brazil between 2010 and 2014 to build the stadiums for the World Cup. Project developed in partnership with the Sao Paulo-based architecture company Arena Estadios.

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Rocinha: Rio’s City Within a City

Still photos commissioned by the BBC for an online special feature on Rio's biggest favela, Rocinha, ahead of the World Cup.

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Paradise Regained

Aerial photography for the Financial Times to show mining exploration and its surroundings in the state of Minas Gerais.

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Timelapse: 2011 Champions League Final

2011 Manchester United X FC Barcelona final watched by supporters in a traditional English pub in Rio de Janeiro. Timelapse commissioned and produced by Panos Pictures in London (producer Valeria Cardi).

On the Edge of Destruction

Assignment for the Financial Times Magazine dealing with the complexities and tensions at the agricultural frontier on the edge of the Amazon basin.

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Palmas Bank: Microcredit in Brazil

Pictures commissioned by Le Monde 2 in 2009, about a microcredit initiative on the outskirts of a poor community in Northeast Brazil.

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Helicopters in Sao Paulo

Reportage done in 2008 about the booming use of helicopters in Sao Paulo.

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Urban Farming in Cuba

From 1989, Cuba's commercial relationship with the communist partners collapsed. To overcome starvation, the healthy and educated population, living mostly in cities, cleared up unused plots giving birth to the iconic case of urban farming.

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The Undesired Tomb Dwellers in Egypt

Reportage commissioned by the Sunday Times Magazine in 2007 with words by Nigel Richardson, about the Egyptian government dislodgement of the entire community of Qurna, located above and inside ancient Valley of the Nobles' tombs.

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Modern-day slavery in Brazil

When workers are locked in cycles of debt-bondage and kept under extremely degrading conditions, they are seen as the modern-day slaves. According to the International Labour Organisation, in 2006 they amounted to 25.000 workers in Brazil.

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London Bombings

News coverage following the terrorist attacks in London on 07.07.2005 and the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes for VSD Magazine (France) and Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil).

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Shia Muslims in the UK

Documentary work developed between 2001 and 2004 in several cities across the UK, including a pilgrimage trip from London to Iraq and Syria in 2004.

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First Steps After City of God

Assignment for the Telegraph Magazine about the first independent short film produced by Nos do Cinema, group of ordinary youngsters from Rio de Janeiro favelas turned into filmmakers and actors to work at the award-winning film City of God

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