First Steps After City of God

This story is about the group's first independent film "The Blind, The Devil and The Good Jesus", shot in 4 days with virtually no money.

The cinema group Nos do Cinema, created to train the kids for City of God, became their base to learn the cinema language and project them in the film industry. Professional film-makers joined the group as volunteers to help the kids out. Donations were made towards the production costs.

“In the historic cobblestone district of Santa Theresa, a hilly enclave away from the famed beaches of Rio de Janeiro, a group of young men are attending a film class in the top floor room of a rambling colonial villa. Aged in their teens and 20s, they shuffle in wearing sandals, shorts and scruffy T-shirts and take their places on the smooth parquet floor. Today, their ‘teacher’, the film and documentary-maker Katia Lund, is giving them a crash course in the harsh realities of the film industry. “You’ve had a lucky break,” she says, “but it’s not going to be like this every day.” The kids listen with a mixture of focused intensity and fidgeting disinterest. Then they excitedly begin planning the short film they will soon be shooting in Rocinha favela.” - Douglas Rogers.

The award-winning Brazilian film City of God used ordinary people from the slums of Rio de Janeiro as actors. After the big production was over some of the kids chose to remain involved with the film industry.